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Top 5 Pool Cleaners For 2018

More Intelligence = Less Work For You

Automated pool cleaners have become something of a necessity for many pool owners.

The convenience and the quality of easy cleaning mean that many won’t go back to manual labor. Our reliance on pool robots and pump-driven suction pool cleaners also means that many pool owners are looking for the next big thing.

For example, robotic pool cleaners have to do more than a decent job with minimal assistance, now.

Many pool cleaner brands have come a long way with their models for 2018, with Polaris, Hayward, and Dolphin leading the pack.

Below are five of the best from these companies, along with a wildcard that some may overlook.

5 Of The Best Pool Cleaners For The Year Ahead

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280

We are going to start this list of the best robotics pool cleaners for 2018 with this Polaris model for a pretty simple reason. While it is effective with some interesting features, it doesn’t look nearly as tough as other machines and it’s pretty ugly. This shouldn’t be an issue if we want substance over style.

There is something more appealing about a tough robot with a familiar shape and some big tires. What this does have is a more affordable price and a pretty decent feature list.

This is a jet-propelled device with a strong filtration system, extendable 31-foot hose, and unique filter bag. It provides a quick clean, under 3 hours, for in-ground pools only and buyers say it does a good job.

The other potential downside here, other than the look, is the fact that this requires a Polaris booster pump to work. It, therefore, isn’t the tough, plug and play model that some buyers expect those days, unlike some of the models below. This could be the value model for those starting out, but there are more interesting options.

Hayward Aquanaut

With Hayward, we come to one of those brands that do produce the more attractive, familiar looking robotic pool cleaners. This immediately looks like a tougher, more user-friendly model with a good specification to match. In fact, some users see this as a great plug and play model. Many say they can leave it to its own devices with no concerns about confused routes or malfunctions.

One of the key selling periods here is the use of technology. This machine calculates the pool layout for a good route. It also has multiple pre-programmed steering sequences. At the same time, there is strong praise for the cleaning process.

The system has a variable flow to work with different types of debris and a self-contained filtration system. Meanwhile, the adjustable roller skirt works on uneven surfaces as the tough tires deal with obstacles. Furthermore, it should never lose suction.

Zodiac Barracuda G3

The Zodiac Barracuda G3 is an interesting addition to this list of robotic pool cleaners because of its-its shape. The majority of models in this list, and indeed most product lines, have strong motors and wheels. They travel as we expect a robot should. This device is a little more alien. It has a hose, a filtration system, and a 36-fin disc.

This makes it much more simplistic than some other models and therefore much easier to maintain. The movement relies upon simple suction. The idea here is that the machine can travel across the pool surfaces, and around obstacles, with little problem.

The design has piqued the interest of a lot of buyers and reports favorable. There are great reports about the progress made across the pool and the quality of the clean. The automatic flow regulator and ability to handle different debris is a bonus here. Furthermore, this device is pretty quiet (with no powerful motors), and the parts are pretty durable.

Dolphin Triton

Naturally, there had to be a couple of Dolphin models in this list because this is such a highly regarded brand. These robotic pool cleaners regularly reach the top of the best-seller and must-have lists. It seems that 2018 will be no different as they improve models and develop new features. One model that always makes the grade for the year ahead is the Triton.

The basic specification boasts many of the features that brand-loyal customers would expect. There is the plug and play set-up that bypasses the pool systems, for improved ease of use. There is the familiar caddy and long swivel cable, that both help with transportation in different ways. Also, there is the use of simple cleaning cycles.

There are some mixed responses to this product, as some keen users can see the potential flaws and others remain impressed. The large area of contention seems to be the performance across the whole pool.

There are some that love the way in climbs wall and detects the water line. There are others that say it struggles on stairs. Either way, there is still the potential for a great clean. It seems that the promise of “exceptional features” and “patented technology” has been well fulfilled.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

The final model to consider in this list of the best robotic pool cleaners is the Nautilus Plus, which is similar to the Dolphin Escape.  We will focus more on the Nautilus Plus, this is one of the more interesting options for modern pool cleaning, and there is a clear sense of innovation.

The suction of the pool cleaner is innovative in its way. This uses new tech and improved features in a more accessible design. In the end, many users want a robot that looks and acts like a robot with lots of great techs.

The improvements to the Dolphin Nautilus Plus are easily shown. The cleaning technology and performance are impressive. Here the device can scan the whole pool surface and uses a 150-minute cleaning cycle of scrubbing, vacuuming, and filtering on all surfaces.

This is clearly the better model with the IntelliScan Technology, 360-degree suction and improved water circulation and filtration. At the same time, it retains the clever swivel cable while adding an extra large top access compared to the old Nautilus.