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Tips To Maintain Your Garage Doors

Green Living – Repairing The Garage Door

A garage door is a simple structure that we often take for granted. It lets us in and out with our cars with such little fuss that we barely notice. However, we certainly notice it when we lose our garage door remote, garage door remote stops working, or it stops opening and closing properly and gets stuck. When this happens, then we need to look into door remote repairs or garage door opener repair.

Garage door repairs are an essential skill for all homeowners that want basic access to their vehicle and an efficient system. Each of the following tips can help your garage doors continue to run smoothly.

Sometimes A Garage Door Can Simply Be Too Noisy

Garage Door

Garage door repairs don’t have to be difficult, especially if a little noise is your only concern. A worn roller or some lose hardware could be to blame here. Some parts may need tightening, lubricating or simply replacing. Tighten all the nuts and bolts to see if that stops the rattling.

Give the parts a spray with a heavy-duty lubricant to finish it off and ensure it is a smooth motion. Lubrication can also be achieved with some non-silicone lubricant. Just spray evenly and liberally on all the moving parts of the doors, like the rollers, the ceiling chain, hinges, springs, locks, anything that is frozen or stuck in place,  and on the track and run the door through it a couple of times.

If the rollers are worn out, release the hinge to take out the roller and replace it. In some cases, the hinges may need replacing while you are at it. Make sure to check the serial number for a straight swap with the right part.

The last point you want is to come back from the hardware store, climb the ladder and realize it doesn’t fit. Some anti-vibration pads could also be a quick fix on doors that continue to make too much noise.

As far as the garage door remote repair, the first thing to do is replace the batteries.  If the opener was dropped there could be damage on the inside, and the new batteries will not help.  Then it may be time to purchase a new universal garage door remote opener that works with your brand and model.

These are all quick garage door repairs that shouldn’t take long on a Sunday afternoon. That is unless you do have to go to the hardware store for parts several times. As long as you have your appropriate tools, parts, lubricant and a stepladder, it should be easy. Unfortunately, there are some bigger issues that we have to contend with in our garages.

Garage Door Repairs Can Be Trickier, Be Prepared To Put In Overtime

This is especially true if winter hits hard or we have been in the property for a long time. Cold weather can affect the motorized parts of a mechanical garage door. This can then cause a headache with power failures and doors not opening properly. Did you know that many systems now have pressure settings to help them adapt to the changes in temperature? This could help you to avoid the issue in the future.

If it is too late, and the power has shut down, it is time to find the manual override. This cord opens the door manually, so you can still get your vehicles out. This little cord is also a live saver if there is ever a power out in the neighborhood.

Over time, the door can also sag with age and wear. A few tension rods across the door can help you adjust the door and make it straight again. It takes time, as the rods need to be adjusted little by little. However, it is worth it if the door is aligning properly.

On the subject of poor alignments, you may find the lock on the garage door doesn’t quite line up either. The bar simply shifts out of place. Loosen them, realign them, tighten it all back and lubricate for easier sliding and less noise.

When To Call The Professionals For Garage Door Repairs

When you have checked the basics, like the rollers, hinges, lubrication, the remote batteries, doors are aligned, and the garage doors still are not opening and closing like they used. You may need to consider buying a new garage door opener.

If you have a problem that you cannot handle yourself, or a repair doesn’t work, then call a professional. Is the door is too warped to handle on your own, are the power issues still there or is the track badly damaged? These jobs can be too much for one person.

You started out with a simple job fixing up the garage on a Sunday afternoon. You weren’t looking for a weekend project. There will also be times when these jobs just aren’t manageable due to ill health, immobility or other issues.

Your garage needs to be secure, and that door needs to work. Don’t ignore issues with the door if it may put your security in jeopardy. Figure out your best approach to garage door repairs and call for help when needed.

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