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Recycling Your Plastic Starts At Home

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Plastic is simultaneously one of the most useful and most hated substances in the world. We use it in so much packaging and so many consumer goods, but it pollutes our planet on a massive scale. The best answer to the problem right now is plastic recycling through clever, dedicated cleaning services. Luckily, there are some best ideas out there.

Create Designated Containers To Recycle In An Appropriate Place

Plastic Cleaning Services

Recycling centers are a start, but machines that act like weird vending machines are the future. Users just feed in the plastic bottles and receive points. This system is currently used by PepsiCo, and the points work with Greenopolis for rewards.

This incentive includes hotel vouchers, movie tickets, and other discounts. This is big in southern California and North Carolina right now. That could all change with the right attitude to recycling centers. While we are at it, we could send our used gift cards to a kiosk that recycles them.

Points Systems And Clear Rewards Are A Wonderful Incentive In Any Cleaning Services For Recycling Plastic

Points systems are why we tend to stick to certain brands. We like rewards for our efforts. Therefore, points based rewards for recycling should encourage the average American to recycle more plastic. The RecycleBank ID tracker on household bins is a great example. It measures what you recycle, and how much, and rewards accordingly. The only issue right now is that this needs to be community/municipality based, not individual.

Rewards don’t have to be points based or monetary in value. There is also the reward of knowing that you have helped someone else in some way. There are some interesting, specialized schemes in development for certain objects containing plastic. Homeowners that donate these plastic items get to help another individual through a service.

Cleanning Services- Bottles

A great example of this is sports equipment for struggling athletes. There are also places that recycle yoga mats or donate them for a discount on a new one. Some of these items can go to great non-profit organizations using sport and activity to help others.

Then there is the simple reward of knowing that you have helped the environment. One of the trickiest issues with plastic recycling is electronics. You can’t put these items in a recycling center like a plastic bottle.

Thankfully, the US Postal Service and Clover Tech have developed a program for inkjet cartridges, cameras, mobile devices and similar objects. This is in effect in 1500 US post offices at the moment.

Finally, There Is More To Recycling Plastic Than Putting Your Household Waste In The Right Collection Bin

Cleaning services for plastic are a great step forward for green living in the US. However, the potential doesn’t stop here. There is also the opportunity to turn plastic into craft projects, without having to throw it out at all.

Also, there is measure in place for users on the road. The last thing you want is to take your trash back home with you or dump it all on an ill-equipped hotel. There are now recycling stations at some gas stations and rest stops.

Again, California seems to be ahead of the trend, with an interesting scheme running in Kentucky too. There is more to effective plastic management than you think.


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