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Methods To Clean Your Driveway Or Outdoor Patio

Best Cleaning Services

The act of spring cleaning is a great incentive for all homeowners to get cleaning. The weather is improving, the days are getting longer, and the house needs a little refreshment. The change in weather and this new life mean that you may also want to think about the exterior.

Our driveways can go unloved for months, causing some to call upon heavy duty cleaning services. While this can offer a fast, effective result, it is not all that good for the environment. Thankfully, there are some eco-friendly house cleaners that we can use to get the job done.

The Problem With Using Chemicals And Industrial Cleaning Services On A DrivewayIndustrial Services

Tough, chemical-based cleaning services are the easy option, especially if you don’t want to do the work yourself. The problem is that this yearly job can take its toll on the environment, putting local wildlife and your garden plants at risk. There are many chemicals used in these cleaning services that are highly toxic and dangerous.

Chlorine bleach is particularly common, despite the risks to the environment and user health. It is damaging the ozone layer and can also pose a risk to skin and airways. Hydrochloric Acid is also toxic to humans and wildlife. Water source contamination can be deadly and human ingestion can cause stomach problems and chest pains.

TSP is also bad news for water supplies as the phosphates can alter oxygen levels, killing fish and other life. Direct contact with skin is also a big concern.

The best approach here is to give up on this damaging expense and turn to safer substances. It may take a little longer, but the rewards make up for the effort.

Five Safer Eco-Friendly House Cleaners That You Can Use Yourself For A Great Clean

Vinegar had to be the first option here because we do use it for pretty much anything in green cleaning. Light spills are quickly handled with a diluted solution, but tough oil spills by needing an undiluted one.

The acids in the vinegar break down the dirt on the driveway in the same way as tougher chemicals. A full wash will also kill off some weeds poking through the cracks. If you don’t want your drive smelling of vinegar, add a scent such as lemon juice or an essential oil.

Baking Soda is the next staple eco-friendly house cleaner that many of us cannot be without. The great thing about baking soda is that this is a natural, abrasive substance. It can get into embedded stains on rough surfaces, like older concrete driveways, with relative ease.

Again the level of concentration of your soda/water solution depends on the problem at hand. Some people choose to add it to liquid soap to turn a basic household aid into a more powerful cleaner. Obviously, if you try this, look for an environmentally friendly liquid soap.

Sodium Peroxide is a tougher substance that comes highly recommended by many users for its tough action and safe nature. It is tough on dirt, grease, and oil, as the powder works its way into the spills and breaks them down. There is the chance that you will need to use some elbow grease here, but it is worth it. Simple scrub it in, rinse it off and enjoy the results.

Alternatively, you may want to turn to Hydrogen peroxide because of is effective action and accessibility. Again, all you need to do here is spray it on, scrub it in and rinse it off.

Some users suggest adding vinegar with it for an extra kick. This may sound like a dangerous chemical, and there are still some risks with strong acids. However, it is bio-degradable, as is the final of our five options.

Oxygen Bleach is also used as a green alternative to chemical products for similar reasons. It is kinder to the environment, effective on stains and is pretty accessible. Users create a thick, tough paste with water and scrub it into the stains for an impressive result. It is one of those substances that is sometimes overlooked but is pretty versatile and helpful.

Two Great Products From Companies Specializing In Eco-Friendly House Cleaners

Best Cleaning Services

Accepted 7121 is a high-performance cleaner for concrete and asphalt driveways. It offers the same strong, effective action on tough dirt and stains as leading brands. This means it is ideal for motor oil, grime and grease stains in different areas of the property.

However, the formula works via safe bacteria rather than harsh chemicals. This bacteria kill the components in the spill and add in microbial nutrients. This means no dangerous substances or solvents and minimal mess.

Simple Green is another great example where it is better to talk about what it doesn’t have than what it contains. This is a pretty simple water-based solution with a simple formula of synthetic, powerful substances.

While the word synthetic may be a red flag to some, this produce is from dangerous chemicals and solvents. It is also non-toxic, non-flammable and bio-degradable.

This all means that it is a safe option and is even exempt from OSHA & EPA special handling requirements. Another interesting feature here is the fact that it is easily activated by both hot and cold water. It is a great compromise for those that aren’t convinced by basic vinegar and acid methods.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Hype Of Powerful Chemical Cleaners And Quick Fix Cleaning Services. Eco-Friendly House Cleaners Are Much More Beneficial

As you can see, there are options here. There is a good chance that you can get a great result from a much safer, greener substance. The five standard substances above are accessible, powerful and reliable, even if they may require a little more effort. Even then, there are the eco-friendly products from green-minded suppliers.

This is a great compromise between the convenience of the specialist products and safety of pure ingredients. There is no need to turn to chemicals and dangerous products when cleaning a driveway. Stock up on the basics, eco-friendly research companies and get your hands dirty. Your garden will thank you for it.


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