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Cleaning Products

We all have times when the cleaning chores get on top of us. The best approach in these situations, where practical and affordable, is to hire a cleaner. This can be a great aid in busy households.

However, there is a problem for those of us that are keen on green cleaning principles. How can we be sure that these professional cleaning companies are using safe, eco-friendly solutions?

It is possible to find companies that specialize in an environmental approach with reliable green cleaning products. Some offer a basic service with a tweak to their products.

Others go much further with a strong green conscience and extra details. Below are four examples of companies that have taken on green methods in different ways.

The Cleaning Authority

Green Cleaning

Let’s start with the most basic end of the scale. There is nothing wrong with the approach of The Cleaning Authority, and it has clearly served them well. Their effective green cleaning options have ensured that they have spread across North America over the past 25 years. This firm standing is comforting to those that want an eco-friendly company, but don’t want to risk going with a newcomer.

Their home cleaning service has developed so that many homeowners can enjoy the benefits of green cleaning products. They now only use products that are environmentally friendly from sustainable or responsible sources. This is reassuring, but other companies seem to push the message a little further.

Eco Maids

Eco Maids is a great example where the ethos and backstory – however true – is just as strong as the performance. The idea here is that the company was originally founded by a new mother. She didn’t want her young family exposed to chemicals. This meant an arsenal of green cleaning products for use around babies and pets in any situation.

The company then decided to develop this further. They wanted to ensure that they could provide clients with a large array of green cleaning solutions that were non-toxic.

The added appeal with this company is this idea of flexibility. An eco-friendly option could be rigid and limited. Here the cleaners can clean a whole home with great products via a 64-point checklist.

Molly Maid

Molly Maid - Cleaning Products

With Molly Maid, we find an example of a company that decided to go beyond their purpose as a cleaning company. It is admirable to find companies that take a strong approach to green cleaning and the use of cleaning products. However, this is now seen as something of a minimal approach for some eco-friendly companies.

Molly Maid is proud to use green cleaning products wherever possible in their client’s houses. They appreciate the need to find a balance between a strong clean and an environmental approach. It some cases, this has lead to concerns over disinfectants. The Molly Maid reaction here was pretty inspired.

Instead of deciding to ban the use of disinfectants on ethical grounds completely, they have created a compromise. Disinfectants are an option in homes that want them.

However, these cleaners work to educate homeowners on the impact of the products and green alternatives. They want an open, honest dialogue about the products in use. This means changing perceptions rather than hiding problems with “green washing.”


Greenwashing is a big problem in the industry of bio-degradable and eco-friendly products. It is too easy for brands and manufacturers to create a product that sounds like a better alternative while hiding dangers. For example, some may advertise that they removed a chemical, while others remain.

The same goes for the new fad of bio-degradable balloons, which still kill wildlife and litter beaches for months. This is where improved education on green cleaning is vital. Jani-king is keen on educating clients on eco-friendly cleaning products so they can make better choices.

The other reason that Jani-king is such an admirable leader in green companies is their approach to different areas of the business. The eco-friendly products are obviously a great start. Here they are working with natural, sustainable products for a better future.

On top of this, the company has branched out into new dispensing systems, microfibers, and HEPA filters in their vacuums. They are attacking the issue from many angles. This commitment and breadth of ideas make them a great inspiration for new green cleaning companies.


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