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Energy Efficient Dishwashers Guide

Dishwashers are either considered a luxury or necessity, depending on the size or your household and your cleaning schedule. Many users find themselves running many cycles over the week, with little idea of the environmental impact. These machines may use lots of water and energy, so it is important to choose energy efficient appliances where possible and to educate ourselves about the best programs/cycles and all the added features.

Important Things In Energy Efficient Models

Look out for features within dishwashers that reduce the energy and water usage further. This can include half loads, eco cycles or smart washes that detect how dirty the load is and adapt. This all depends upon the intelligence of your dishwasher. Be aware of the quick wash/1 hour cycles as they may not be as efficient as you expect.

You may assume that the reduced time means less energy usage. However, the system is working extra hard to pump the same amount of water through he dishes in the time allowed. With many modern dishwashers, a longer, gentler cycle may work out better. You probably also want to avoid the rinse function too as you can get just as good a result by hand and will be wasting energy.

Top Energy Star Rated Dishwashers

Then there is the drying function. Ask yourself if it is necessary, as drying features use more power. If it is there, how is it performed? There are heat-dry and air-dry functions available, the air dryer is preferable, as the heat is a waste of energy. In all honestly, it is just as beneficial to open the dishwasher door and let the external air do the work.

The most important consideration here, however, is energy and water usage. How many kWh a year does it use? How many gallons per cycle? The US Federal standard for gallons per cycle is 5, and for kWh/yr it is 307. Dishwashers with lower readings on both, therefore, beat current standards. This is where Energy Star rated machines can help.

Top Energy Star Rated Dishwashers To Consider

The Energy Star rating is a must for all modern energy efficient appliances. It is a seal of approval for a green & reliable model. The Energy Star most efficient 2017 list recognizes dishwashers for the year ahead that meet their standards.

Three of the dishwashers in their list come from Blomberg. The Standard DWT 58500 offers 225 kWh/yr energy usage and 2.4 gallons per cycle. This is better than the US Federal standard, and the machine is a highly efficient model. The DWS 55100 uses less energy at 220 kWh/yr but more water at 3.07 gallons per cycle.

This machine can hold 14 place settings, has an additional drying system, delay timer and the ability to handle a half load. The DWT 59500 is comparable to the first model with 225 kWh/yr and 2.4 gallons per cycle. It also offers an impressive capacity.

An alternative option is Samsung with their DW80K7050 model. This machine is not quite as good as the Blomberg in its facts and figures, but it is still better than the US Federal recommendation with 239 kWh/yr and 3.2 gallons per cycle. It provides a heavy duty wash with a flexible loading system, six different cycles, and room for 15 place settings. The sensor for water leaks is a nice touch too.

What Else Can We Do To Improve The Performance Of Dishwashers And Ensure That We Save Water And Power?

The worst case scenario is that you have put a full load on and they haven’t quite come out clean. Here you have the choice of either putting the machine on again or washing by hand. Remember to scrape out as much of the leftover food from pans, bowls, and plates as possible before loading.

This will ease the pressure on the machine. You may have a heavy duty cycle or a specialized option for pots and pans. While this sounds good, it is another waste of energy when you can do the work by hand.

It Is Important To Find Energy Efficient Appliances With The Most Convenient Features

In the end, dishwashers are there to make life easier when you have lots of dishes to wash. However, it shouldn’t take all of the strain. The trick to energy efficient dishwashing is about how you use the machine and the type of machine you purchase. Start with a strong Energy Star rated model and use it wisely.

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