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Best Green Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergent is something that all homes cannot do without. Clothes have to go through the washing machine, and a large family can require many loads per week. That is a big concern for those trying to go green with their product choices.

Washing cycles are a big enough concern without adding chemicals to clean the clothes.  The problem is that we also want a formula tough enough to handle the job.

The following five products are green laundry detergents from environmentally friendly companies. They use a natural approach, with other green perks, to provide an appealing alternative to chemical products.

1) Method 8X

 Green Laundry Detergents

We have to start this list with Method 8X for two important reasons. First, Method is one of the most respected companies when it comes to creating eco-friendly cleaning products of any kind. Second, the 8X part of the name refers to the great concentration.

Not only does this strong concentration mean a great approach, but it also means smaller packaging. Smaller packing is a great trick for saving on materials and going a little greener. The added benefit with Method was the packaging already environmentally friendly, to begin with.

 2) Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer is another name that many green-minded consumers will be aware of when dealing with green cleaners. Many people turn to this trusted face for a natural formula and a good result. This is why the Clean Day formula remains popular.

Some green laundry detergents can be a little soft on dirt with their gentle formulas, but not this one. There are great scents to choose from to keep clothes smelling great, and each has its natural ingredients listed online.

3) Seventh Generation Natural

 Green Laundry Detergents

Another brand that is highly regarded is Seventh Generation. Their green laundry detergents come in powder form, rather than liquid. However, they still promise a great result with an eco-friendly formula. This product is a USDA Certified as 97% biobased.

That means lots of great ingredients from great plant material sources. There are no artificial colors or fragrances and no optical brighteners. The powder also works in HE machines to continue to reduce tough stains and keep clothes fresh.

4) Caldrea HE

While we are on the subject of great smelling cleaning products, it is important to give a nod to Caldrea. Many consumers love the fragrances offered here, with some talking about an aromatherapeutic quality.

While some claim that the performance is not as good as others, like Mrs. Meyer, there are other benefits. The products are free of beautiful much everything that shouldn’t be there. This means no chemicals, optical brighteners, artificial colors or parabens. This is a pretty good compromise for many buyers.

5) The Legacy Of Clean SA8

 Green Laundry Detergents For clothes

Finally, we have a tough cleaner from Legacy of Clean. That is a great option for those looking for helpful green laundry detergents because it acts like a typical, chemical one. This product has a highly concentrated formula, with exploding crystals, to break down tough dirt. The good news here is that the ingredients are natural and it comes in eco-friendly packaging to help the environment further.


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