Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners For 2017

One handy device that will help you cleaning your pool is a robotic pool cleaner. Cleaning and maintaining a pool is an ongoing task. Chemicals need to stay balanced to prevent algae and bacteria. Also, skimming the pool to keep larger debris and leaves out of the water.  Keeping the pool looking sparkling clean takes time and effort, which not everyone has.

Of course, you can hire a weekly pool service company, but that will cost money every month.  The major challenge comes in when looking for a pool cleaner which one is the better one for your pool.

According to our tests and analysis, we recommend the Dolphin brand, like the Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner. It is a high-end model that has proved its worth.

However, there are many more robotic pool cleaners on the market, and one can get confused about which is the best robotic pool cleaner. To eliminate the hassle, we have done the hard work for you and reviewed several:

1. The All-New Super-Efficient Dolphin Escape Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Well, we can’t deny it anymore, the Escape’s Dolphin Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner has completely revolutionized the way we perceive pool cleaning. This cleaning beast has beat every damn pool cleaning thing that exists in the market.

It is not just powerful with its fast spinning brushes; it is smarter than we have experienced before with any other high-end above-ground pool cleaner.

Dolphin Escape Robotic

Featuring the HyperBrush™ Technology, this cleaner will get rid of all the algae and clogged dirt in a matter of few hours. Unlike other regular above-ground pool cleaners, this unit comes equipped with 24-vold DC motors that are highly effective.

The rotating brush is two times faster than the brushes of other machines. It is for this reason, Escape’s Dolphin Pool Cleaners features 1.5-hour cleaning cycle that is perfect for above-ground pools.

But here is the kick-starter

The Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner uses innovative technology and blends that with its class-leading features to deliver exclusive pool cleaning. It will clean everything that comes along its way.

More interesting, is the fact that, it is very efficient regarding power consumption despite being the most powerful pool cleaner we have today. If there is anything to beat the Escape’s Dolphin Pool Cleaner in 2017, then that must be nothing.

Not Convinced enough? Well, take a look at is prominent features

Key Features

  • Top-notch filtration system. The advanced filtration system makes the Escape’s stand out from the rest. The cleaner will easily get rid of the finest algae, leaves and other dirt with the help of its super-fine filtration.

More incredible is the oversized cartridge which eliminates the need of emptying the filter more often. Also, the top-access filtration makes it easy to empty the cartridge and remove the debris.

  • HyperGrip™ Rubber Tracks. You won’t leave any surface not cleaned when using the Escape’s Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner. It boasts of grip-tight tracks that prevent the cleaner from slipping. Unfortunately, no single debris or contaminant will be left untouched.
  • Super-Efficient Motors. It is amazing that the motors of this unit only use 180 watts when traditional motors used over 1800watts. That is a big of a step! You can be sure to enjoy the world’s most efficient pool cleaner while you also save on your power bills.
  • SmartNav™ Scanning System. When cleaning with traditional cleaners, the reality is, you wander aimlessly because you have no control over the cleaner. However, this is entirely opposite with the Escape’s Dolphin Cleaner.

It comes equipped with a modern mapping system that ensures every inch is thoroughly cleaned. Not to forget, the 40’ cable makes sure that this cleaner goes to wherever it wants to.

  • HyperBrush™ Scrubbing. Till you have seen the Dolphin Escape in action, you may never understand its capability. The fast rotating brush gets rid of every dirt along its way. Even the most stubborn contaminants give in to these fast-rotating brush. Remember the brush spins two times faster than the brushes of regular above-ground pool cleaners.
  • Brilliant Design and Weight. A clean that is too heavy can make cleaning a hell of a process. This is why the Dolphin Escape Cleaner only weighs 14lbs. It is a breeze to lift it and drop it in the pool. It also features an ergonomic design so as to minimize water resistance during movement.


  • Cleans thoroughly and fast
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Easy to access filter cartridge
  • Easy to use
  • Long foot cable


  • Lacks a scheduler or a timer

Other Worthwhile Robotic Pool Cleaners

2. Hayward TigerShark RC9990GR QC

This is another energy-efficient beast that will deliver thorough 90-minute cleaning cycles leaving your pool cleaner than ever before. It is good at saving you energy bills. It cuts down electricity costs by 94%. For over 40 years, the Hayward TigerShark has been doing one thing – Delivering efficient pool cleaning.

What I love most about this cleaner

Hayward TigerShark RC9990GR QC

It can clean the sides, bottom and even goes all the way to the tile lines getting rid of every single dirt, algae, and other debris. It also powers itself off after coming to the end of its 3-hours cleaning cycle.

Key Features

  • It is an Ultimate Cleaner for 20’ x 40’ pools
  • Features Patented Quick Clean Technology. The cleaning sessions are short yet thorough
  • Easy cleaning. You simply access the filter cartridge system and clean with a garden hose
  • Efficient 24 volts motors. Less energy, lower electricity bills but thorough cleaning
  • Equipped with an onboard pump. Extremely powerful at sucking up the debris, algae, and the dirt.


  • Automatic shutoff function
  • Long cable (55-inches)
  • Energy saving unit
  • Thorough pool cleaning
  • Durable and easy to use


  • Some users have complained about the machine scratches the pool liner

3. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Cleaner

This is another fine choice for those in the market looking for a reliable above-ground pool cleaner. It features a reusable filter bag that makes cleaning the unit a snap. 40 feet cable is another impressive feature. The Aquabot Pool Rover will get down to every inch of your pool getting rid of all dirt, debris, and algae.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover

Key Features

  • Automatic shutoff function. This gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about energy bills; this unit goes off after cleaning
  • 24-volts pump. It has strong jet-drive propulsion and vacuum-suction power for thorough pool cleaning. No dirt or contaminant will escape. This unit is highly efficient both in cleaning and conserving energy.
  • Executive Hydro-Robotic Technology. A patented technology that propels the unit for entire-surface cleanup


  • 2-hours automatic shutoff
  • Ideal for flat-bottom above-ground pools
  • Jet-drive propulsion
  • Great cleaning abilities


  • The cord may tangle itself


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