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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services For Hire In Canada

If you are looking to hire an eco-friendly cleaning service inside Canada, then use this guide to provide you with a list of companies. You may start your search based on your location. Below is information about different cleaning companies, types of services they offer, and their contact details.

When you hire companies that offer eco-friendly cleaning services in Canada, there are many benefits that you get. Cleaning your home can be a hectic task, and it is for this reason that service providers can give you peace of mind. The biggest plus is that professional cleaners can take care of all your cleaning needs and take care of our environment, while you focus on other matters that you enjoy in life.… Read More

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Top 5 Pool Cleaners For 2018

More Intelligence = Less Work For You

Automated pool cleaners have become something of a necessity for many pool owners.

The convenience and the quality of easy cleaning mean that many won’t go back to manual labor. Our reliance on pool robots and pump-driven suction pool cleaners also means that many pool owners are looking for the next big thing.

For example, robotic pool cleaners have to do more than a decent job with minimal assistance, now.

Many pool cleaner brands have come a long way with their models for 2018, with Polaris, Hayward, and Dolphin leading the pack.

Below are five of the best from these companies, along with a wildcard that some may overlook.… Read More

Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning Companies Compared

Cleaning Products

We all have times when the cleaning chores get on top of us. The best approach in these situations, where practical and affordable, is to hire a cleaner. This can be a great aid in busy households.

However, there is a problem for those of us that are keen on green cleaning principles. How can we be sure that these professional cleaning companies are using safe, eco-friendly solutions?… Read More

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Methods To Clean Your Driveway Or Outdoor Patio

Best Cleaning Services

The act of spring cleaning is a great incentive for all homeowners to get cleaning. The weather is improving, the days are getting longer, and the house needs a little refreshment. The change in weather and this new life mean that you may also want to think about the exterior.

Our driveways can go unloved for months, causing some to call upon heavy duty cleaning services. While this can offer a fast, effective result, it is not all that good for the environment. Thankfully, there are some eco-friendly house cleaners that we can use to get the job done.… Read More

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Clean Clothes And Green Laundry Detergents

Best Green Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergent is something that all homes cannot do without. Clothes have to go through the washing machine, and a large family can require many loads per week. That is a big concern for those trying to go green with their product choices.

Washing cycles are a big enough concern without adding chemicals to clean the clothes.  The problem is that we also want a formula tough enough to handle the job.

The following five products are green laundry detergents from environmentally friendly companies. They use a natural approach, with other green perks, to provide an appealing alternative to chemical products.… Read More

Best Washing Machine

2017 Energy Efficient Clothes Washing Machines

Energy Efficient Washing Machines

Green home living relies on many different tricks and purchases. A set of eco-friendly cleaning products, like laundry detergent, is a great start. However, it is much better if you can use them in an energy efficient machine. In this guide, we compare models from LG, Samsung, and Kenmore from across the price scale. Each aims to be eco-friendly with great additional features, but is the most expensive option best?… Read More

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon’s NEW Echo Show: The Gateway to Your Smart Home

Today’s society has developed a love for new technology that can assist them and home hub devices mean that soon we will all have some system looking after the operation of the home and answering your questions.

Amazon is keen to stay on top of the competition with their Alexa assistant and Echo range, continuing with their “Hands-free” &  “Just ask” approach.

The new Amazon Echo smart speakers build on previous ideas and tech for a new, more interesting experience. They promise that there is “everything you love about Alexa and now she can show you things.” So what does this all mean for users? Is this a whole new, multifunctional Echo with the greater appeal? Or, is it just a pointless gimmick on another smart speaker?… Read More

Advantages Of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Advantages To Buying A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners were once something of a rarity in the home. They were clever gadgets that were a fun way to clean, even if they weren’t that effective. Rapid developments have meant that these vacuum cleaners are now much more capable, with many new advantages. Furthermore, there are many brands and models at different ends of the price scale.… Read More

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Tips To Maintain Your Garage Doors

Green Living – Repairing The Garage Door

A garage door is a simple structure that we often take for granted. It lets us in and out with our cars with such little fuss that we barely notice. However, we certainly notice it when we lose our garage door remote, garage door remote stops working, or it stops opening and closing properly and gets stuck. When this happens, then we need to look into door remote repairs or garage door opener repair.

Garage door repairs are an essential skill for all homeowners that want basic access to their vehicle and an efficient system. Each of the following tips can help your garage doors continue to run smoothly.… Read More

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners For 2017

One handy device that will help you cleaning your pool is a robotic pool cleaner. Cleaning and maintaining a pool is an ongoing task. Chemicals need to stay balanced to prevent algae and bacteria. Also, skimming the pool to keep larger debris and leaves out of the water.  Keeping the pool looking sparkling clean takes time and effort, which not everyone has.

Of course, you can hire a weekly pool service company, but that will cost money every month.  The major challenge comes in when looking for a pool cleaner which one is the better one for your pool.

According to our tests and analysis, we recommend the Dolphin brand, like the Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner. It is a high-end model that has proved its worth.

However, there are many more robotic pool cleaners on the market, and

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Energy Efficient Appliances – Dishwashers

Most Energy Efficient Dishwashers

Energy Efficient Dishwashers Guide

Dishwashers are either considered a luxury or necessity, depending on the size or your household and your cleaning schedule. Many users find themselves running many cycles over the week, with little idea of the environmental impact. These machines may use lots of water and energy, so it is important to choose energy efficient appliances where possible and to educate ourselves about the best programs/cycles and all the added features.… Read More

Cleaning Product- Eco Me

Best Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Any homeowner that want to embrace the ideals of green living should reconsider the way they clean. It is much more beneficial to find a cleaning product with a natural formula than one with harsh chemicals and pollutants. Environmentally safe products come in all shapes, styles, and purposes.

It is about more than a natural formula sometimes, as the scents, packaging and community spirit come into play too. The following 10 top cleaning brands offer products we can use with pride. Each brand has a niche product or selling point to help it stand out from the crowd. All are revered for their cleaning products.… Read More

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Recycling Your Plastic Starts At Home

Cleaning Services For Home

Plastic is simultaneously one of the most useful and most hated substances in the world. We use it in so much packaging and so many consumer goods, but it pollutes our planet on a massive scale. The best answer to the problem right now is plastic recycling through clever, dedicated cleaning services. Luckily, there are some best ideas out there.… Read More

Home Thermostat

Programmable Home Thermostat Features

Best Energy Efficient Device – Home Thermostat

There are lots of different ways to add energy efficient devices to the home for greener living. One that is sometimes overlooked is the home thermostat. Thermostats are essential for controlling heat and energy use in the home, but we often focus more on the household appliances.

Modern, programmable thermostats can make a big difference in saving energy and household costs. The expanding range also means that there are some great features to enjoy.… Read More