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Best Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

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Any homeowner that want to embrace the ideals of green living should reconsider the way they clean. It is much more beneficial to find a cleaning product with a natural formula than one with harsh chemicals and pollutants. Environmentally safe products come in all shapes, styles, and purposes.

It is about more than a natural formula sometimes, as the scents, packaging and community spirit come into play too. The following 10 top cleaning brands offer products we can use with pride. Each brand has a niche product or selling point to help it stand out from the crowd. All are revered for their cleaning products.

1) Method

Cleaning Product - Method

One of the primary things that you will want to look for in environmentally safe products is a good laundry detergent. The last thing that you want is harmful chemicals seeping into the water system or embedding in clothes. The Method is a great provider of organic, safe laundry products, as well as some popular hand soaps.

They don’t go as far as being fragrance-free, as there are some nice scents to the clean washing. However, they tick most other boxes with eco-friendly packaging, the use of renewable energy during manufacturing processes and cruelty-free ingredients.

2) J.R. Watkins

J.R. Watkins also make some great soap and have done so for nearly 150 years now. Over the years, the product range has developed to include some high-quality soap with a green message. This cleaning product continues the trend of environmentally friendly packaging and bio-degradable products.

Furthermore, this seems to remain consistent across the rest of the product line, which includes body scrubs and fresheners. A particular favorite among consumers is the White Tea and Bamboo option.

3) Mrs. Meyers

Home Cleaning Products

In the grand old tradition of naming household products after friendly, homely woman, Mrs. Meyers is high on the list. Here the manufacturers have created a wide range of products for different purposes across the home. Each one has a fun scent, often with a floral or botanical theme.

What makes this series especially appealing when looking for the environmentally safe product is the transparency over the ingredients. You can be sure of a natural, safe formula that will keep the family safe. You can also find this product in many local retail stores.

4) Eco-Me

Eco-Me is another option that provides a series of cleaning product types in one eco-friendly range. That is one of the most diverse groups of products on this list. This, therefore, makes it a go-to place for any homeowner wanting to restock a whole cleaning cupboard with interesting solutions.

There are even products specialized for children’s rooms, which highlights the safety of the formulas. In addition to setting themselves up as a one-stop shop, Eco-Me is keen to give back. Some of their profits go to charities in the Pasadena area.

5) Common Good

Best Cleaning Products

Our next option is something a little different. As with the products above, there is a clear desire to create environmentally safe products. However, the main focus with Common Good is actually with the packaging used. This relatively new company came about because of an issue with packaging.

Eco-friendly cleaners are great, but we still throw the bottles away. Here the company has created reusable packaging to reduce waste. These liquid cleaners can then go to dedicated refilling stations so that users can increase their environmental efforts.

6) Ecos

The company with the rather uninspired name Ecos has been working on creating the best cleaning product for half a century. Green cleaning is an important part of their brand and their processes. This is another of those companies that have gone further than the product itself to appeal to the eco-minded.

They create these natural products – which include some pet-friendly options – in environmentally friendly ways. This means a factory run entirely on renewable energy and materials that are carbon neutral. They are a great choice for any family that wants to be completely sure of doing the right thing.

7) Puracy Naturally

Piracy Cleaning Product

Fabric cleaning means more than cleaning clothes. We also want environmentally safe products that we can use for carpets, curtains, and upholstery. This is where Puracy Natural comes in. Many celebrate this company for the safe formulas of their products and use them across the home with a clear conscience.

The ingredients are natural, safe and gentle. The other appealing thing about this company is the way they interact with others. They use pretty artwork to make the packaging even more attractive. They also give back to the community by donating products to families in need.

8) Seventh Generation

With Seventh Generation, we come to another brand that has taken some of these eco-friendly ideas and related them to another type of cleaning product. It is easy to focus on cleaners, soaps and things to clean the home.

However, we also want to be sure of a natural, safe approach to baby products and feminine care. They have baby-friendly cleaners and wipes with natural material, and this chemical free approach continues with tampons and pads. There is the clear sense of a new branch of green cleaning with a new audience.

9) Caldrea

Caldrea- Cleaning Products

Caldrea is on this list because it too has an edge that helps it to stand out in a growing world of environmentally safe products. Like so many of the brands mentioned, there is a clear focus on a lack of chemicals and natural products.

The difference is the sense that the scent is just as important as it would be in a “normal” product. The aim is for long-lasting scents from natural sources that enhance the feeling of the products. Fragrances include Sea Salt Neroli, Rosewater Driftwood, and Pear Blossom Agave.

10) Ecover

The final option in this list of the best options for an eco-friendly cleaning product is Ecover. Again, all the right factors are in place here. They have been in business for decades, developing green products with natural ingredients and packaging options.

The ethos here derives from a desire to look at natural methods of cleaning before turning to chemicals. The reason that this brand stands out is their approach to product for sensitive skin. These products are gentle enough that most homeowners can use them without concern.

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